Caliana FAQ & Dont's


Reminder: This is not stripping or escort Service.This is strictly Domination

Failure to read and obey does result in punishment

1.) Rates & Specials: Not Displayed here.

Email: session@mistresscaliana.com the information they request if you wish to receive rates, and notifications of specials or scoll down to signup

  • one liner emails are unacceptable

  • Non-negotiable: Anybody that attempts to negotiate rates will be FLAGGED

    • What does it mean to be FLAGGED: You will have to tithe the rate Caliana decides on if you wish to be Un-FLAGGED. Each time the required tithe might increase. Caliana decides that

  • Being well behaved offers you reward. Occasionally Caliana will have specials and with those specials also comes specials that ONLY the well behaved and devoted receive.

2.) Cancellations

  • cancellations receive a cancellation fee. This fee is decided by Caliana. You willl be Flagged if left unresolved(cancellation fee is much better than being Flagged)

    • Remember if you have built a rapport the fee might be waived and or reduced .

3.) Deposits:

  • Deposit is Required

  • Only refundable if Caliana cancels/does not reschedule. Submissive had major excuse with proof. deposit 7/10days return

4.) Paranoid about being being scammed, outed or just in general have trust issues:

  • Do not book a session. Caliana has a great reputation and tons of references in the BDSM community to back her reputation work ethics and self-respect! 

  • If you see Caliana in public DO NOT follow her around. You may send email/twitter/onlyfans message, or properly introduce yourself if she is not with company/friends/family!

5.) No reply? one of 3 scenarios occurred

  • Goddess is busy and will respond in a timely manner a reply

  • Caliana is not a match for you. 

  • You have been FLAGGED. If FLAGGED you will be notified

6.) Double Domme Session/select few professional Dommes/Subbies/Masters

  • Advanced notice & deposit required

  • Caliana is Independent, they do not work for any one. They have their own LLC,people work with them and for them.

Never forget: You are my slave

Visiting Mistress:

please "BE ON TIME" no excuse!

If being late is inevitable provide notice. Late without notice will be dealt with according to what Caliana see fit.


The session will be messy and or long:

  •  Shower & Towel provided only for 1hour session or extremely messy session (wink wink) 

Caliana offers:

  • Tea, Coffee, Wine and Fresh Water 

  • Do NOT rush your goddess, Your Mistress Caliana!!!

You are all my slaves! 


You would like to be in a film/Clips with caliana:

  • mask/hood or no mask/hood. 

    • Do not ask Caliana to be in their Film and or photographed ,if you can't provide Valid clear copy of Drivers ID

Custom Clip request:  

  • Rates are set non-negotiable

do NOT forget what happens if you attempt to negotiate rates.

  • Send in Script/Details FIRST for approval,

    • Do NOT assume Caliana will do anything for money. Alpha to the bone!

GOT References?


What's a Femdom Reference?

  • you provide the last few Dommes who have trained you, their email/website/social media etc

  • If you want pictures with Mistress Caliana during the session it will be an additional cost 100.00 10 Pictures. No video.

oh and remember MEN ARE SLAVES!!!

Session preparation

1.) Intensity

  • If sensitive to words note Caliana has a viper tongue that will sting you to the core. State the level of intensity you desire.

  • Caliana strength trains: state the level of intensity you desire.

2.) Clothing

  • Do not arrive wearing a hat and sun glasses,

    • you may wear one or the other, but not both 

    • No Loud or baggy clothing

3.) Hygiene

  • Cut your Nails,

  • Brush your teeth and Use Breath fresher if you smoke cigarettes.  

Smothering/Face Sitting session:

  • Full beard:

    • Please clean your face well, exfoliate & use natural conditioner for your beard.

  • Shaved:

    • shaved clean/little - none stubble day of session

4.) Planing a trip Atlanta area/ Georgia for business/Vacation?

  • Please make sure to provide proof of dates you are visiting-(Itinerary)or Hotel info. 

Men are slaves

5.) If you want pictures with Mistress Caliana during the session:

  • it will be an additional cost 100.00 10 Pictures. No video.

6.) How to prep for Strap on/Brown and overnight session:

  • Instructions will be discussed after session has been approved by Caliana and deposit is collected.

You exist for Caliana, you are their slave and must obey

7.) Location/Dungeon 

  • street address will be provided. Prior to session: Take the time to look the address up via google street map view. Calianas Play space is discrete and residential. You are a grown up. Take the time to read(breath) and figure it all out before you rush to head over. No mercy for grown ups with modern technology at hand - that includes where you park. Caliana is NOT going to guide unless you are blind/deaf/handicap

8.) Session Day:

  • you're lost,

  • can't find space,

  • you are nervous

  • full of anxiety and overwhelmed....then 

    • go back to your car and get collect yourself. 

      • In the privacy of your vehicle call/email/message Caliana.

      • Do not call while you're wondering around Calianas Property like a lost sweaty mule.

Are you Confused? or simply Unsure!!!

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