About Caliana

French roots & Egyptian roots

Ga, Gwinnett count. based since April/2015. Prior locations: Orlando, LA, Chicago, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Douglasville, Newnan, Lagrange, Opalika Alabama.


    Goddess/Mistress Caliana may travel schedule allows such or when provided with enough notice to plan accordingly.

Much like a Goddess you will not find Caliana fluffing their own ego or bragging. Let it be known……. they are brat tamers, your ruler, your oxygen. Without Caliana….. your life is meaningless. In fact, all beta males are beneath Caliana. If you find yourself with any sort of desire to cum….. and happen to be of the male variety; you are beneath Goddess. The place of every male is to serve dominant feminine individuals. Are all worthy? No they are not. Goddess accepting your submissions is a gift in and of itself, as is your submission.

    In this ocean that is the internet it is expected that you stumble upon people claiming to be a dom/me. Individual’s that view this as easy, with barely any knowledge of protocol, D/S boundary consent, real experience in fetish. No real love, knowledge or enjoyment of BDSM and or fetish. Caliana lives the lifestyle 24/7.

    Growing up Caliana had a dramatically different experience than most. Their mother was an ex-professional fetishist (power woman all around tbh). While others attended slumber parties with friends; Caliana spent it exploring various fetishes with individuals they would claim as their significant others (for the sake of discretion). Some would be caught making out in the locker room, Caliana was caught beating boys while choking them as they came on themselves in their pants. (Caliana might be able to locate the OSS slips as proof if requested). Like any Goddess, they have always felt males are meant to serve.

    At the age of 18 Caliana joined many fetish communities. They began training with elder dom/me, attending events, shadowing scenes, practicing, experimenting and growing. Their goal has always been to allow worthy submissives a safe space to explore fetishes without sacrificing discretion (unless consented to be less than discrete).  These years of harnessing their craft in the art of extreme domination forces the submissive to genuinely locate your vitality. Their nature, aplomb, and allurement provide the necessary mediums that secure males will do what Caliana demands. Goddess is always transparent, never fake…..in this life there is no time for anything but factuality

    You seek malevolent, benevolent, omnipotent, and omnipresent? You seek Caliana. While some may have others perceive them as such….. Caliana is authentic, Caliana can’t be duplicated or replicated. Only cheap knockoffs. Nothing is proportionate to Caliana. With such proficiency from Goddess it is expected that they can dictate what makes you vulnerable. What does this mean? The willingness of submission from males is effortless. Caliana has a real passion for controlling men; using them as Human receptacles, shoeshines, footstools, furniture, loo-potty-dumpster, wallets, janitors and real torture ...the list is extensive.... visualize your dreams of serving Caliana. It’s in front of you; the proclivity and penchant that sits within Caliana is everything you need.


    Goddess/Mistress Caliana is your source of elation & essence. They are skilled with how the submissive mind functions Serving. Caliana hears your pleads, your desires of serving and surrendering to a Goddess such as Caliana. They will propagate and shape your mind; whether it involves being lashed by the cane, by verbal psychological torture and so on; you will do your best at doing more than your best for Caliana.  Say it “Caliana’ gives your barren life the ambition you search for”. BDSM is Caliana, through Caliana you can achieve greatness.  

Metamorphosis is the Haven for which you seek.

details for the curious

All natural



27 inch waist

hips 40 inch

fair complexion

34C Cup size

Green eyes


mid to short nails

7.5-8 in shoes

4-6 dress size (small to medium)

Lowfodmap diet

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